Free Vector Cats

December 3rd, 2008
Free Vector Cats

free vector cats silhouettes

Cool pack of cats silhouettes! 67 different shadows of cats and kittens in various poses.

All that silhouette are ready to use in your amazing designs, creating eye catching graphics, print design, motion graphics, 3d rendering. b-cars, flayers, posters. Most of silhouettes unique and hand drawn! Available for personal & commercial use. My vector clip art silhouettes better to edit with Adobe
Illustrator CS or Adobe Photoshop CS. Other Graphics Software (Such as Corel Draw or Freehand) can be used for editing my files, but I can’t guarantee that everything will be 100% correct.

download_icon2 Download free Free Vector Cats (1 mb) download_icon2

Attention to all bloggers, web masters and tutorial writers. If you'll use this vector silhouettes in your tutorial with backlink to this page (use page title as a link text), I'll review your tutorial on my blog. In this case we will do 100% relevant link exchange to share our readers. Just sent me an e-mail to, or leave a link to your tutorial in comments. If you representing magazine and would like to share my files with your readers, contacts me to get permission.


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  1. Mary Says:

    Hi, I need some basic instruction on downloading the free vector cats. I have adobe reader and photoshop on hard drive. Do I need anything else? What do I click on? download time means what? 30 min.?
    Thanks for helping a novice! Mary

  2. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Hi mary. The only think you need to download this cats is attention! click “Download (1 mb)” you’ll we moved to download page where you can download it.If you have Photoshop CS* you can open *.csh file with cats. And use them as Custom Shapes. Or you can open *.AI file with Adobe illustrator

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Hi mary, is it possible to have more information on how to download since I had a hard time downloading it. I will be glad to know more. thanks ahead really. :)

  4. karell Says:

    We’ve searched our database for vector graphics tagged “cat” and found 10 vector. Good for me though!

  5. Pissed Says:

    Bullshit site, there is no download button, link or anything regarding the download of the “Free vector Cats”

  6. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Bullshit user. At the end of each post there are some social icons, between them you can find – WoW! – download link.

  7. shogo Says:

    thank you!

  8. jessie Says:

    thank you!!

  9. giulio Says:

    Sorry, maybe I’mm not able, but I can’t find download button. The only one send me into another site… I’m a Mac user with ssafari…

  10. j Says:

    Bit of a massive usability problem with this site in so far as you can’t actually download the vectors!

  11. Stanislav Admin Says:

    you can download it easy and free, pay more attention to find download link.

  12. Faithy Says:

    Hi! I foudn the download button XD after a logn time of lookign the page up and down, these are great, ignore all bad comments, they mean nothing, the people who wrote them are just mean ^^

  13. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Thank you

  14. Stanislav Admin Says:

    true – thank you man!

  15. cat lover Says:

    thank you for sharing, although the download link is really a little difficult to find, but it’s still good! thanks a lot!

  16. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Why you asking?

  17. 3cats Says:

    thank you very much

  18. Qua Says:

    It’s really pathetic how so many people are unable to use the internet….especially with websites like these. The download link is ALWAYS there, you just have to know which one is right. There are so many others because they have to make money somehow and it gets them ad revenue by having all the idiots who can’t figure shit out click on them. Honestly…if you aren’t intelligent enough to figure it out, you deserve to be led in circles through the advertisements.

  19. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Qua… Thank you for such a cool comment =) I think exactly the same!

  20. Johanna Says:

    Thanks! Works like a charm.

  21. Tomer Says:

    Thank you :)
    Appreciate your efforts!

  22. Joe Says:

    There’s no files for Free Vector Cats !!!

  23. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Joe There are files!
    download link it’s a text link at the bottom of page near social icons (facebook like, G +1, tweet…)

  24. mika Says:

    Thank you very much :D

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