Vector Floral Swirls

June 30th, 2009
Vector Floral Swirls

vector floral swirls curves

New Stunning set of vector shapes to create you own, unique ornaments or seamless flourish patterns, floral frame or background, whatever you want. 258 vector pictures of swirls, curves, spirals, arc and other floral shapes. With various decoration shapes and geometric figures.

Floral curves, swirls and ornaments are very eye catching graphics elements and today they can be found in any design sphere. This  vector shapes can be very handy when you need a quick solution to adding effects/elements to your design.

Most of this vector shapes unique and hand drawn! Available for personal & commercial use. Use Adobe Illustrator CS or Adobe Photoshop CS to edit silhouettes from my vector clip. Other Graphics Software (Such as Corel Draw or Freehand) can be used for editing files, but I can’t guarantee that everything will be 100% correct.

Here is an example of floral designs totally created by using only this set – Vector Floral Curves

free floral curves

download_icon2 Download free Vector Floral Swirls (0,8 mb) download_icon2

Attention to all bloggers, web masters and tutorial writers. If you'll use this vector silhouettes in your tutorial with backlink to this page (use page title as a link text), I'll review your tutorial on my blog. In this case we will do 100% relevant link exchange to share our readers. Just sent me an e-mail to, or leave a link to your tutorial in comments. If you representing magazine and would like to share my files with your readers, contacts me to get permission.


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  4. Heather Eich Says:

    hi Stanislav I am a big fan of Vector
    I was wondering if I could send you an image
    would you be able to design it for me
    I would like to use the logo for a website that I am creating it will be a few weeks before the website is done

  5. Stanislav Admin Says:

    No, I don’t do any freelance job.

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