African Symbols

February 14th, 2010
African Symbols

African Symbols vector clip art

86 Vector African Symbols in new clipart. This pack contains some of the earliest symbols, images and icons painted on cave walls & templates of Africa. Emblems, icons, tokens and marks of religion, magic, war, mysticism symbols – demonstrates creativity of the human spirit.

You can use it to create any graphics: prints, posters, ad flyers, t-shirt, business cards or anything else. Set include vector version (Adobe Illustrator 8 ver) for easy use in your favorite vector editing application + csh for Adobe Photoshop CS

download_icon2 Download free African Symbols (0,5 mb) download_icon2

Attention to all bloggers, web masters and tutorial writers. If you'll use this vector silhouettes in your tutorial with backlink to this page (use page title as a link text), I'll review your tutorial on my blog. In this case we will do 100% relevant link exchange to share our readers. Just sent me an e-mail to, or leave a link to your tutorial in comments. If you representing magazine and would like to share my files with your readers, contacts me to get permission.


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  1. Ludo Says:

    My friend,
    thanks so much for your excelent work and this incredible site of yours…
    Btw, I was interested in African symbols (my G/F is from Benin), but I’m downloading kanjis instead (which are great too, but could you fix the link please ?). Keep up this amazing work !

  2. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Link was fixed. Now it must everything ok.

  3. don_dada Says:

    thanks a lot for all the vector clipart! a great service to the community!

  4. Ihab Says:

    thank you for your graet job

  5. Rebaone Says:


    Please help. I’m curiously interested in knowing the meaning of this symbols.

    Thank you in advance.

  6. toob Says:

    thx a lot na kub ur work is expert

  7. GD Says:


    Thank you in advance.

  8. toob Says:

    cool stuff

  9. Lili Says:

    There are georgeus! Thank you so much!

  10. Marcus Santos Says:

    Congratulations for the work.

    You have the meanings or the references for the meanings symbols Africans?


  11. Stanislav Admin Says:

    Marcus, Sorry, but no. I’m not even sure that they are African =)

  12. Penny Katirgis Says:

    Thank you so much for this. I love your site!

  13. dexter Says:

    Great collection. Love your creativity

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