Term of Use

All-Silhouettes.com – is the most full on-line collection of free vector silhouettes, signs, symbols, shapes, outlines and icons of all kinds. All High Quality Vector sets created to make your life easier. Most of silhouettes was created by myself during 10 years experience in graphic design. Some sets was created by tracing or hand-drawing from my personal photos and free stock clip arts, some of them was shared for free by other designers. Each set include license informational link! If the author of set “All Silhouettes” license link will drive you to this page.

Term of use All-Silhouettes.com

And here is my Term of Use:

You are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes. It means you can use it to create any sort of graphics: prints, T-shirt designs, web design and banners, posters, flayers, templates, logotypes, fonts, scrap booking, rubber stamps production,  package, fabric or fashion design, wallpapers, book/dvd/cd covers, calendars, b-cards, business letters design. And so on… I hopes it’s clear now that you can use it for anything you want.

You can use single silhouettes as is, mix some of them, modify it, or use only few elements. You can take vectors from different packs, combine them together, color with nice gradients, add some text and sell you illustration on stock sites, I don’t mind.

Credits to all-silhouettes.com are welcome but not necessary.

Please do not ask my permission by e-mail. I’m using word filter and most of such e-mail will be marked as spam and deleted. Other letters will be deleted by me because it’s much more easy to press delete then to answer same questions day by day.

If can’t use my vectors without any sort of special permission just do not use them. Find another freebie, buy similar on a stock site or draw it by yourself. (you can sent me letter only if you are Design Magazine’s representatives -  allsilhouettes@gmail.com)

You are not allowed to share this set as is. You can share only 30-40% of elements/shapes from any set, with direct links to homepage of this set (with title text of this set as a link text) and to http://All-silhouettes.com.

Also you are not allowed to sell it on stock sites or cd/dvd as your own.

Each set provided as is. All-Silhouettes.com do not responsible for any damage caused by using any kind of content from this site. (I’m too lazy).

I hopes you’ll like my vector silhouettes! =)


Vector Business People

Author: All-Silhouettes.com Size: 0.7 mb, 4386 downloads 40 silhouettes in pack

Vector Flourishes

Author: Flornaments.com Size: 0.4 mb, 13762 downloads 35 silhouettes in pack

Common People for Architecture

Author: All-Silhouettes.com Size: 3 mb, 82561 downloads 200 silhouettes in pack

Free Vector Animals

Author: All-Silhouettes.com Size: 2,3 mb, 21256 downloads 150 silhouettes in pack

Vector Grunge Clipart

Author: All-Silhouettes.com Size: 4 mb, 17447 downloads 100 silhouettes in pack

Vector Halftones Elements

Author: All-Silhouettes.com Size: 4.2 mb, 15230 downloads 58 silhouettes in pack
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