Religion symbols

Nov 5th, 2012
Religion symbols


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religion symbols

Allow me to share with you most full vector clipart of religion symbols. This free collection include most popular vector images related with most popular religions. Presbyterian, Bahai Symbols – Nine-Pointed Star (Persia), Buddhist Wheel of Dharma, Lotus Flower and Buddha Eye, Jainism – Ahimsa Hand, Jainism – Swastika, Hinduism – Swastika and Pranava, Ayyavazhi – Lotus Carrying Namam, Taoism (Daoism) – Yin and yang, Shinto (Japan) – Torii Gate, Islam – Muslim, Christianity – Orthodox, Latin and Greek crosses.¬† Trident of Shiva, Judaism – Menorah. Christianity – Chi Rho, Bahai Faith – Nine Pointed Star. Judaism – Star of David. Sikhism symbol, Zoroastrianism Faravahar, Gnosticism (Sun cross), Alpha & Omega symbols. The Ishtar star Mesopotamian, Kappu (palm of hand) Natib Qadish, Celtic Neopaganism triple spiral , triskelion. Slavik The Kolovrat, Regular pentagram, Pentacle, Fatima’s hand, Cao Dai – Eye of Providence, Arevakhach (Armenian, Hetanism), Hands of God, Symbol of Kemetism, Ankh, Celtic cross.

Vector illustrations can be opened in different drawing program, for example: Quark, Flash, Xara, Corel Draw, PMView, and certainly All Adobe programs Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop etc. can be used to open and edit vectors. Adobe Illustrator my certain selection!

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