Free vector floral ornament 2016

Apr 10th, 2016
Free vector floral ornament 2016


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free vector floral ornament 2016

free vector floral ornament 2016. This awesome vector flourish ornament was created by mixing smooth swirls, leaves, lines.
The origins of flourish ornaments started in ancient times. The basics of flourish patterns are in attempt to express the beauty of Mother Nature. Nowadays floral ornaments are still popular.

I have made this Illustration for any possible use. It can be used by visual artists and photographers (to create photo books and photo albums), graphic and web designers, for print design, architecture, computer animation, wrappers, stamps, mobile applications, character design, brochures, handbills. It’s up to you whether you want to use this image as it is, modify it, or use just a part of it. You can use it to create any kind of T-shirt design, book and DVD covers, prints and calendars, posters and banners, wallpapers, b-day cards.

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