Egyptian pyramid symbols

Dec 17th, 2012
Egyptian pyramid symbols


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egyptian pyramid symbols

Vector clipart of  Egyptian pyramid symbols. ancient Egyptian  wall paintings in tombs illustrating people, animals, gods (Anubis, Thoth) and other hieroglyphics: papyrus scrolls, birds, lags, Hieroglyphs, characters in any system of writing in which symbols represent objects (such as tools, animals, or boats) and ideas (such as motion, time, and joy). You can find i this pack most popular symbols: Adoration, Akh, Ankh, Ba, Baboon, Basket, Cobra, Eye of Horus, Gold, Papyrus,  Phoenix, Praise, Scarab beetle, Shen Ring, Swallow…

Vector illustrations can be opened in various graphic programs, for example: Photo Styler, Xara, PMView, Corel Draw, Flash, and certainly All Adobe programs Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc. can be used to open and edit vectors. Illustrator CS3 my certain decision!

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