Common People for Architecture

Jun 1th, 2009
Common People for Architecture


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silhouettes of people
Free vector silhouettes of common people.

A week ago my friend Stanly received a letter –

Hello Stanly,I’m so glad that you replied to me.Guess what, I gave these following,,… to my tutor (at the Architecture course) and told him that silhouettes and other vector graphics were downloadable for free, and he was so amazed! He was very glad. He was amazed by the fact that it was for free, because we architecture students have a hard time finding decent graphics for our work. Even professional architects have difficulties, unless they’re willing to pay money.I think that you are contributing a lot, thank you. I intend to distribute your website to other fellow students, if you don’t mind of course.
As for demand on other kind of silhouettes.You know, architecture touches everything in life, it is linked to everything. So, silhouettes of vehicles, greenery, buildings, boats, bicycles and other “normal” things are great. But not only in side view, architects use a lot of aerial views, plan views (for example looking down on a human from above) in their work, and also, plan view silhouettes are very hard to find, they’re quite rare on the Internet, even in books. Plan view of boats and vehicles and planes are quite normal, but not of humans and animals.

Available for use on any blog hosting.

Also, silhouettes of daily human activities are very popular, for example, sitting and drinking coffee, or sitting and drawing, or reading a book, or leaning towards a railing to look down for example on people below (if you’re standing on a bridge). Think of everyday normal activities that we humans do, then trust me, your website will be a treasure for architects.

So with all respect to all architects I’d like to post some Silhouette’s sets created especially for them and all construction related people. First set is Amazing, never posted before, set –silhouettes of people in there everyday life. Lots of casual poses: sitting, standing, walking. With umbrellas and hats, with baggages and bags, different ages and occupations. Please leave a comment if you would like me to publish more free vector silhouettes for architecture and construction purposes.

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